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Arranmore Ferry

8th Feb 2022

The Arranmore Ferry team are excited to share the latest and greatest version of our app yet!

The Arranmore Ferry team are excited to share the latest and greatest version of our app yet! Updates are live on Apple's App Store and Google Play - so update your app now.

App Features

The new Arranmore app features all our dashboard, where you'll see the latest for todays and tomorrows ferries, any messages from the team about the day or upcoming events will also appear here. You can view the timetables for the year or pick a date for any day using our date picker too!

Arranmore Ferry v3


Our whole app can be translated to Gaeilge instantly in your settings - we've worked hard to make sure everything is in the Irish language, but if you spot any English - let us know and we'll soon set it right.


You can now book and save and view your tickets inside the app - any trip from Arranmore will receive a blue pass with it's own unique bar code while a pink pass signals a one way trip to everyone's favourite island from Burtonport.

Every time you book a ticket to Arranmore Island, our app will even celebrate with some confetti 馃コ

Arranmore Ferry v3


We encourage all users to create accounts when they start using the app - you'll be able to securely save your payment details with our payments provider, Stripe and book your next tickets quickly.

With an account we'll also be able to send you personal notifications regarding the status of your ticket - don't worrk you'll still get emails as well!


Our website has had a facelift to match our new app - you'll find all the same features on the website as the app but you'll also be able to read some new from the Arranmore Ferry team on our blog. We've got lots of ideas for posts - so stay tuned.


If you've got any ideas on how to improve the app or website - please contact us - let us know - we want to make sure you have the best online and offline experience when visiting Arranmore.

We'll keep you posted with more updates soon.

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