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Seo Árainn Mhór Launches!

Seo Árainn Mhór Launches!

17th Jun 2022

Seo Árainn Mhór a mobile app for the island of Arranmore and all of it's services, is available on Android and iOS.

The Seo Árainn Mhór mobile app is now live on the Apple App Store and Google Play and we're hoping that it becomes a must have app for any visitors and islanders of Arranmore.

Seo Árainn Mhór is available for download now.

The Project

The Seo Árainn Mhór app is a project that's been devised, developed and produced on the island of Arranmore between several community groups:

The idea for the whole app was simple, there's plenty of things to do, places to visit, see and stay in Arranmore but sometimes it's tricky to find it all. So the app was developed to answer a simple question:

How do we make it simple for people, islanders and visitors alike, to discover Arranmore?

Another aspect of the project which was hugely important, was that the Gaeilge language be featured front and centre. You'll see in screenshots below and in all marketing materials that we've endevoured to feature it in every screen of the app.

Seo Árainn Mhór Featured Background

Development Story

The whole project consists of 3 parts:


The API powers the other 2 parts of the project, every request from the web app and mobile application runs through it. It's runs the database and optimises images as and when they're uploaded.

API Image Seo Árainn Mhór

Web App

The web app serves 2 functions, it provides a way of collecting page owners information before the app was launched and provides a fallback for users who haven't downloaded the mobile app.

Any island business can request a page in the app (see more info here) and upon approval will be categorised and appear in the app.

Seo Árainn Mhór Web App Interface

Once their page is published - they will get their very own 'website' under Seo Árainn Mhór. Here's an example for Hexa Studios and CFFAM

Each Seo Árainn Mhór page features an about section, a listing of opening times, all contact methods any posts or events they've uploaded and any photos. It's everything you would want to know all on one page.

Which brings us too...

The App

The app combines all the information collected on the web app and makes it even more accessible - the app is broken into 5 sections:

The Home screen lists categories that we think you'll find helpful when planning your trip - we've also included an events calendar so you can select your dates and check what's happening.

The Map shows all the locations in Arranmore that have pages so you can learn about them before you visit.

The Search page lets you scan a QR code or search any Page, Post or Story from the whole app.

The Stories page lets you view stories from the island but more importantly, let's you share your story too!

We've aimed to make it familiar if you've used other apps - super simple to use and hopefully enjoyable!

Seo Árainn Mhór App Screenshots

Thank Yous

As I mentioned at the start of this post, this project was a group effort, from the initial idea, the translations, the marketing, development and contributions and ideas from everyone we spoke to on the island of Arranmore, everyone was able to bring something to the table.

I think we've built something really special that will only continue to grow as more people share their stories and post events to their pages.

Thank you to everyone for their help - and as always - let me know what you think.


Seo Árainn Mhór is available now for download.

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