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We develop games to educate and challenge players with vivid and memorable characters and game mechanics.

Mobile Games are increasingly being used to 'gamify' business tasks and challenges or just unashamedly entertain customers.

We pride ourselves on developing creative games with intuitive game mechanics and controls to captivate children of all ages.

Case Study: Penjii Protects the Planet

Caped Koala Studios is a games studios focused on creating educational, entertaining games. In partnership with a consortium of European companies, they were tasked with building a game that would educate children on green initiatives.

After proposing several different game mechanics and styles, the project partners selected a low poly endless runner game.

We designed and developed the game mechanic to deliver the educational component seamlessly into the game using a similar delivery method to game ads. The final product developed also allowed children to login and report their scores to their teacher and compete as a class with a teachers web portal.

Penjii has since gone on to earn himself fans from around the world and featured on some of our favourite feedback.

Caped Koala Feedback

Case Study: Adventures of the Boy Wonder

This 2D platformer mobile game was created as a birthday gift. With a comic book as inspiration all levels were designed to represent themes present in the original artwork.

All artwork, characters, enemies and UI elements were designed and developed in house and combined with simple controls and standard game mechanics. The result is a game which has the look and feel of a comic book with the entertainment of a mobile game.

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