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Seo Árainn Mhór Web App

Seo Árainn Mhór admin users are able to control and customise their mobile application from the web

The Seo Árainn Mhór web app is designed for use for the admin teams of the Seo Árainn Mhór project and the page owners of the Seo Árainn Mhór platform.

Each page owner can edit their page entirely from the web and see the changes reflected in the Seo Árainn Mhór mobile app instantly. Pages featured in the app have all the functionality the businesses need to attract tourists or notify locals of their latest news and updates including:

A web app for Seo Árainn Mhór, By Hexa Studios

For Admin Users:

A web app for Seo Árainn Mhór, By Hexa Studios


The web app is built using the React, NextJS framework with the ChakraUI styling library. Firebase is used for authentication and is tightly integrated into the mobile app to enable the use of Firebase messaging. There are multiple js libraries used but the web app is largely a custom code




React Google Maps

If you want to see the changes and configuration in action, you can download the mobile app now.

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