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We build website and web apps for business in a range of industries, including hospitality, travel, construction and education.

The web is still the most accessible platform for potential customers, all devices and is usually the first impression a customer has of you, your product and your brand.

We build fast, secure, responsive web apps and websites that comply to the latest web standards while being accessible to all. We have broad technical web and server side skills allowing us to select the right tools and frameworks for our customers your businesses challenges.

From static HTML[^1] and blogging softwares, such as Wordpress[^2] to fully fledged web applications using JS frameworks, such as NextJS with React[^3], we're determined to provide the best solutions for our web clients.

[1]: Server side and statically generated websites.

[2]: Wordpress and Ghost blog are two of the largest custom blogging platforms we've worked with.

[3]: React is a web framework developed by Facebook to scaffold robust web apps.

Case Study: Early's Bar Website

Early's Bar is a pub, restaurant and venue on Arranmore Island with a long history of music and craic. The family owned bar have a very strong social media presence but wanted a website to capture their spirit and share some of their legendary stories.

In order to create one cohesive brand for Early's bar we combined the bar's nautical elements with a sea blue primary colour and a sandy yellow accent colour for their website.

Website, Early's Bar, By Hexa Studios

The final website has a focus on beautiful photography capturing the bar at it's best. The website scores highly for search engine optimization featuring next generation image formats (webp, where supported).

In addition to the website we launched the new brand with a series of colourful posters.

Case Study: Arranmore Ferry Control Panel

Arranmore Island is an island of the North West coast of Ireland with a ferry service running multiple times a day. Between weather, passenger and car bookings the Arranmore Ferry team at Realte Na Maidne needed an app to simplify their timetabling and ticketing challenges.

To complement the mobile app we developed for the Arranmore Ferry team, we built a web app and API to control the timetables and enable simple ticket management. Timetables are updated and delivered to the app instantly and tickets are managed and customers are notified of any changes via push notifications.

Web App, The Arranmore Ferry, By Hexa Studios

The project is still being regularly updated with contributions from the Arranmore Ferry team to ensure the daily tasks are quick and easy to complete and all necessary data is available at time.

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