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Arranmore Weather

Arranmore Weather

23rd May 2020

Arranmore Island recently made their weather station data available so here's an app to make that data available on your iOS or Android devices.

This app was developed using Arranmore Island Community Council Weather Station data powered by Three Ireland and supplemented with OpenWeather forecast data. It's part of Three Ireland's larger 'Most Connected Island' campaign and also made a dashboard available with the data graphed and charted.

Arranmore Weather App


The app is designed to give you all the information about the current weather as quickly and as simply as possible. The design will change throughout the day based on the time of day only - but the small landscape at the bottom only shows Arranmore under beautiful conditions. Don't expect hurricanes to appear in the app.

Arranmore Weather, Day, Sunset and Night Time


The forecast data comes from the Open Weather API - they're a reliable service who's nearest weather station is based in Dungloe and will give an accurate forecast for the next 10 days.

Weather Data

The weather data in the app is straight from the weather station and shows the last 30 days of information collected.

At the top you'll find highest piece of information on record highlighted. The data has 6 types: Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Humidity, Temperature, Rainfall and Solar Radiation.

Arranmore Weather Data Metrics, Reports and Settings

Weather Station

The weather station has been installed on Arranmore Island in Aphort, near Rannagh Park.


Unfortunately I don't speak Gaeilge (so this web page is in English), but Marie Clancy has kindly translated the app into Irish. Thank you Marie!

The entire app can be read in Gaeilge or English and can be changed in the settings menu.


Thanks to the team at MODAM who initially tweeted about the dashboard and made the data available in partnership with the team at Three.

If you ever get a chance to work remotely - I highly recommend the space (and the island, of course)

Aimsir * Weather

MODAM (@MODAMremote)

Arranmore's remote workspace, MODAM

Available Now

The app is available for download now on Google Play and Apple's App Store.

Google Play BadgeApple App Store Badge

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