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Run Tom Run!

Run Tom Run!

21st Sep 2021

Very excited to share photos from a new game, Run Tom Run, being exhibiteed in Spain, Portugal and soon to be featured across other museums across the EU.

Run Tom Run is an endless runner game combining the European Digital Treasures projects aims into a quick game to be exhibited in Museums around the EU.

The Game

The game feature's intrepid explorer Tom, running through 3 different levels to collect the archival scrolls. Players must avoid all obstables and collect as many scrolls as possible.

The game is featured on touch screens but has button and keyboard controls for full accessibility.

It's coupled with an RPG on separate screens to entertain and inform users about the projects goals.

Run Tom Run, Game Images

About The Project

Over the last decades, institutions with archival holding have invested important resources to offer access to digitized items. These “digital treasures” are thus included as primary sources to free access portals, but they do not have a transformation process nor generate economic returns.

The challenges of the digital age are moving memory institutions into new business models, and developing institutional enterprises around digitization. The rapidly changing technology is facilitating a period of experimentation and evaluation of new models. Digital collections have enormous potential for changing the way that information is used, and for developing new ways of preserving, collecting, organizing, propagating and accessing knowledge.

Therefore, the project “European Digital Treasures: Management of centennial archives in the 21st century” (short: European Digital Treasures) aims at bringing joint European heritage, especially its digital versions, major visibility, outreach and use.

The project is co-funded by the European Union through the Creative Europe programme, the framework programme of the EU for the cultural and audiovisual sectors. The consortium of 7 partners from 7 countries unites a multi-stakeholder team comprised of state archives, a technological institute, a cultural incubator, a research institution and an international network of cultural heritage institution.

Run Tom Run, Game Images

The Exhibition

The exhibitions will roam through Spain, Portugal, Norway, Austria, Malta and Hungary during 2021 and 2022. Each roaming exhibition will focus on a specific topic – each telling a story of shared European history:

Full exhibition materials can found on their website and games can be downloaded and played.

The Run Tom Run Level

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