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Teacher's Feedback Generator

Teacher's Feedback Generator

11th May 2020

This is a small web app to help teachers quickly give feedback to their students with printer friendly advice slips.

This is a small web app to help teachers quickly give feedback to their students with printer friendly advice slips.

A screenshot for the Teacher's Feedback Generator

A teacher friend reached out to me earlier this week with a problem speeding up marking for their students work. The little web app is a quick solution to that problem available at: https://matloughnane.github.io/teachers-feedback-generator/

How to Use It

Teachers can copy and paste their class list from an excel sheet (or created a list of students by typing into the top box) and generate an interactive list with all possible feedback scenarios.

Adding Comments

A screenshot for the Teacher's Feedback Generator

A comments list is available on the right side of the screen. This comments list is stored in your browser so you can add, re-use and delete comments - please note that different browsers on your machine will have separate lists of comments.

Add any new inputs in the box - then click the add comment button to add to this list. The red "x" button will delete the comment from your browser completely.

Giving Feedback

To assign feedback to a student you need to select one of the 3 categories:

Once selected the box will go blue - to show it's ready - then you can select one of the comments to assign to it.

If you wish to assign multiple students the same comment - you should hold the "SHIFT" key and select the feedback categories - they'll all be highlighted. Once highlighted you can apply a comment (using the blue button) or add to the existing comments by click the green button.

Add a comment to a student and Selecting Multiple Feedback Categories

Editing Individual Comments

To edit an individual's comment you can double click the entry - make updates and then click the save button.

Editing an individual comment

If you've selected too many students - there's a grey clear selection button to clear up any students.

Empty Spaces

If you have any empty spaces in the feedback form - these will be excluded from the final export to keep your feedback clean and concise.

PDF Export

Once all the feedback is completed you can export the PDF - there are a couple of settings available here too.

Colour Printing

You have the option of a black and white PDF or a colour version.

Advice Slips Size

The advices slips are - by default - half the width of an A4 sheet, you can select to have your feedback fit the whole width of the page too.

Font Size

This font size will be reflected in the PDF - the default is 10.

Once you've set your settings you can click the Create PDF button and your PDF will be downloaded into your Downloads Folder.

Export Settings and the final report.

Save Your Progress

On each refresh of the page the web form is reset - to prevent teachers losing too much work you can hit the Save Button at the top of the screen.

All data is saved in your browser (never transmitted via the internet) in your browser's local storage.

If you want to come back to the same point in your marking you can hit the restore button and continue. Simple.

Available Now

The app is available now for use by all - let me know what you think or if you have any improvements that could be made.


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