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Under the Hood At Arranmore Ferry

Under the Hood At Arranmore Ferry

19th Jun 2019

We wanted to share some of the secrets that keep our ferry service running smoothly for all our customers!

We wanted to share some of the secrets that keep our ferry service running smoothly for all our customers!

We've worked hard on making sure that all our customers are able to stay up to date with our times and timetables so we thought we'd share how all our timetables work from our side.

Rachael (A Donegal Employee of the Month Nominee for June) and our admin team have access to a website which allows them to control all ferry crossings with a couple of clicks, here's what she sees every day.

The Ferry Dashboard

Down the left, we have an exact copy of all the times that our customers see across our mobile apps, website and the times that Alexa will be able to list.

How many Cars?

The main focus for the team is checking how many cars are booked on at any time. When a customer books online, they'll automatically turn a car red and we know when a ferry is full.

We also count the number of passengers booked here too.

We can even record who's going to be skipper and manning the boat for that crossing!

Colours, Colours, Colours!

There's a lot of colours on our dashboard, but they all make sense to us!

Every time you see recorded in Blue is a ferry leaving Arranmore (because you're always blue when you have to leave Arranmore).

You can even see a green extra ferry here, which was running at 2am over the weekend for the Arts Festival.

All the orange colours you can see on the screen are times departing Burtonport!

Other parts of the dashboard

We can't share all our secrets but we've got a couple more to show you!

All our admin options

Last minute Changes

Things change quickly in Arranmore and we can change our timetables instantly to keep up, adding extra ferries which are updated online in seconds! Our Extra Ferries! Ferry changes like these are updated across website, our apps and Alexa as soon as we click that blue button!

Messages for our Fans

Our messages appear right inside the mobile app! When we have important messages, we can complete this form to send messages directly to our apps. We've run a couple of competitions in the past using these messages and let people know when events are taking place in Arranmore. Keep your eyes peeled on the app.

Available on Android and iOS now.

Coming Up!

We're working on some exciting changes on our side but more importantly on our apps and website! Stay tuned on our facebook and twitter for more info!

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