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Hexa Studios Website Update

Hexa Studios Website Update

6th Jun 2024

The Hexa Studios website has received a much needed upgrade.

We're excited to share that our website has been updated using all our favourite tools and bringing our website in line with the rest of the Hexa Studios portfolio. The website is, of course, fully responsive, now has a dark mode and has beautiful animations to delight all our visitors. Some of our favourite features are: the floating nav bar (see the homepage), the animations when you hover over the blog cards, the animated new post icon and many many more!

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With any project that we develop we build a documentation space to let users collect their assets and expand their brand. This has been overhauled now to include password protected content, download buttons and a new look to make it easier to navigate and find all our client's important information.

If you want an example of what we've built, the presskit for Inis Oírr Beo is a good place to start: The Inis Oírr Beo Presskit

Hexa Studios Posters

Technologies Used

We've employed a number of open source projects to build this website, chief among them are:

Shadcn UI


Framer Motion


Let me know what you think of the new site!

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